Podiatry is a discipline with focuses on the function of the foot and lower extremity and specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of foot related conditions. It is an important component of our team approach to sports medicine as many injuries result from, or do not resolve because of foot alignment problems.


Specialising in foot problems our Podiatrists can evaluate, diagnose and help alleviate any general foot, ankle or knee pain.


With specialised care we also prepare and customise orthotics, advise you on new sports shoe recommendations, and, using high tech equipment, look at the way you run or walk to ensure your feet are performing to their optimum.


If your feet or lower legs hurt or ache after increased activity or increased time on your feet, our podiatrists may be able to help you. Often the way your foot is reacting to the ground forces is the underlying cause of these types of pain.


When treating injuries and evaluating the specific needs of our patients, our podiatrists will assess the anatomy and function of the foot and lower limb. This assessment includes dynamic examination of the limbs during walking and/or running gait. Kirwan and Simon use a specialised computer program to assist in recording, measuring, and analysing patients walking and running patterns.


By analysing the way that you walk and run the sports podiatrist with evaluate whether or not there are any mechanical reasons that may be contributing to your injury.


Julia Oppert


Julia Oppert Podiatrist

Julia Oppert Podiatrist

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